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Fire Strategy Report 

Prior to undertaking new build projects, making alterations to a building, preparing fire system designs, or specifying fire prevention and management practices, a Bartley Mac Ltd fire strategy report setting out the base requirements can greatly assist in the focus of subsequent specifications, reducing the need to go back to first principles when a new aspect of the fire safety and protection provisions is foreseen. This document is often referred to as a Fire Strategy.

A Bartley Mac Ltd fire strategy will consist of several or all of the following factors: 

  • Management and system audit;

  • Mandatory framework;

  • Objectives setting;

  • Risk and hazard assessment;

  • Building characteristics;

  • Occupant characteristics;

  • Practical issues.

The resulting Fire Strategy Report will consist of several or all of the following depending on the clients predetermined requirements:


  • Fire policy statement;

  • Fire safety (management) strategy;

  • Evacuation strategy;

  • Fire and smoke control strategy;

  • Fire fighting strategy;

  • Fire protection strategy.